Growing the Pokko brand

Brand design is no easy task. Especially for a company starting out and still trying to find its place in the world. For Pokko to get it right, collaboration was a major factor. In fact, collaboration has been an underlying theme that has brought the team together throughout the whole process. From defining the vision that involved all members to figuring how we add value through in-depth workshops – we’ve done it together.

Before we designed anything, we started with research to nail down our strategy. In this process, it helped to think of Pokko the brand as a living thing to better bring it to life in our minds. Over the course of a few workshops, we put together a list of our values.

  • Open - Inclusive, simple, approachable. We try to be knowledgeable but we’re the first to admit that we don’t know everything. Doesn’t mean we can’t be honest and figure it out together.
  • Reliable - Quality, dependable, safe. This is your friend with the right ideas to solve your problems.
  • Personal - Democratic, community first, delights. Pokko is there for the people, we are here to do what is right and true to us.

Shapes and lines that show collaboration

We like to think about the elements we created as people. People communicating, working together, sometimes butting heads or just existing. Depending on how we lay out these elements lots of harmonious interactions can be made. We wanted the design to be more accessible to people, so our elements are simple. They might come together to form something complex but they distil down into simple elements of lines and shapes.

Open typography

In our search for a typeface, we wanted to find something that was clear and show our designs concisely. We came across Inter, a variable font family carefully crafted and designed by Rasmus Andersson for computer screens. It uses a tall x-height to aid readability of mixed-case and lower-case text. We fell in love with it because of how simple it was. Additionally, a variable font is variable! We could mix and match weight and italic angles as we please, allowing us to form infinite variations to suit us.

By no means are we done growing but we’d love for you to see our brand in action. Explore the typeface, take in the colour palette and discover our elements.