Pokko is a fully featured enterprise level content management system.

That won't stop us from wanting to give you more.

We will strive to continue expanding the capabilities and features available to you.

With the core work out of the way, these are a few features we're looking to implement in the near future.

Full-text search

We will be building a feature that allows you to define custom search indexes for your content to better suit your needs.

You will be able to prioritise fields over one another allowing users to find content that's relevant to them rather than content that just contains a specific set of words.

Localised content

An option will be made available to allow you to have different versions of content for different locales.

Localisation of content will work in an "override" manner, where one locale will be the "base" value, and any variations to that will override the value.

A project may have two locales: English and Spanish. A model may have a "title" field that can be localised, the base value will be English and will be returned in all API requests unless a Spanish override is specified and the API query is made requesting it. If the API request for Spanish is made, but no override is available then the base (English) value will be returned.

White labeling

API and CDN requests for Pokko are all routed through domains. With white labelling you will be able to customise these domains to your own. Your end users won't even know you're using Pokko.

That's just the start. There's plenty more to come.